Taan totjo nemeetjogoen ogtjit mimatjoagan (TTNOM) ("to go fishing for a living" in Mi'kmaq) is an innovative training project offered through the Anqotum and our community partners, designed to enhance the self-sufficiency of Aboriginal fishers to efficiently and safely manage their fishing operations, while enhancing employment opportunities by diversifying their fishing activities and honoring the traditions of our ancestors.

 TTNOM, funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Skills and Partnership Fund, is designed by and for Aboriginal fishers, consists of three phases:

1) Development of Essential Skills required to successfully participate in the commercial fisheries of the Gulf of St. Lawrence;

2) Attainment of Certification in the basic operation of a small vessel fisheries business (ie. vessels under 45 feet, which comprise 95% of the existing Maritime Aboriginal fleet);

​3) Business Management skills.

 This will result in greater economic development thereby increasing the level of employment in the commercial fisheries by maximizing the best use of the available commercial license portfolio through the implementation of best management practices and sound financial management.

 Working closely with our community partners, TTNOM will compliment fishery development plans ensuring that we meet individual community needs and aspirations. Together, we will chart a course for Aboriginal Fishers’ Student Success from the initial interest stage to the completion of the program and resulting certification by providing on-going support.