Every year, Anqotum pursues a number of aquatic-based environmental initiatives and the hardworking and dedicated members of our Environmental Services Program (ESP) carry out the fieldwork for these projects.

Our Environmental Services Program was created in 2008, and a significant focus of the work of ESP is on species at risk and watershed stewardship.  Currently, we are delivering projects related to striped bass, American eel, Atlantic salmon, and Atlantic sturgeon .

In previous years, we have also carried out projects on both environmental contaminants and sea level rise. Through all these projects, we aim to build capacity and stronger relationships with our member communities.

For more information please contact our ESP team.


Anqotum offers a number of services to it's member bands, including but not limited to:

Technical Advisory
Capacity Building
Project Management

Anqotum is always looking for new and exciting projects to start in our member communities, if you have any ideas don't hesitate to click here and visit our Contact Us page!