McKay Brook, Eel Ground First Nation

With funding in part from the Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk and many generous sponsors/partners, we deliver a classroom – based learning program to local First Nation schools as part of our Promoting Lifelong Learning initiative (PLL).

The students from Elsipogtog, Esgenoopetitj, Metepenagiag and Natoaganeg First Nations, participate in workshops about Species at Risk and the importance of stewardship. The video is a compilation of the school-based workshops, designed and coordinated by North Shore Micmac District Council’s Aboriginal Aquatic Resources and Oceans Management unit (NSMDC AAROM) in fall/winter of 2014/15. The workshop presentations and activities focus on four species of significance to the Mi’kmaw – American Eel, Atlantic Salmon and Atlantic Sturgeon and Striped Bass.

Another aspect of PLL is the Summer Science Camps that have been taken place each since 2010 in our communities and for the first time, this summer, at an educational institution via partnership. The purpose of our camps is to give students a chance to connect to science in a fun-filled day of activities and to explore a future science related career.

Promoting Lifelong Learning