Meaning and symbolism behind our logo:

Designed and created by Communications Officer
Taylor Ward

The Paw - A bear paw represented in the shape of a human hand shown by the placement of its thumb, speaks to the terrestrial aspect of our environment. The orientation given with the human hand speaks to the protection, confidence and power we bring in the present to enhance our environment.

There are two fish within the palm itself, identifying the aquatic nature our (AAROM) organization is primarily known for, but not limited to. These fish rotate in a counter-clockwise rotation, signifying the "undo-ing" what was done within our waters and land. This rotation also represents a recyling sign, meaning we are giving back to

our environment.

Between the fish within the white space creates the number 8. The number 8 is specific to the eight communities represented within our AAROM.

Bouctouche First Nation
Eel Ground First Nation
Eel River Bar First Nation
Elsipogtog First Nation


(ON - GOH - DUM)

Meaning - To care for / care giver

Fort Folly First Nation
Indian Island First Nation
Metepenagiag Mi'kmaq Nation
Pabineau First Nation