Little Southwest Miramichi River Restoration

For decades, the community of Metepenagiag has been concerned about, and has taken steps to address the bank erosion and sedimentation occurring in a vital area of the community and its adverse affects on the habitats of aquatic and terrestrial species.

This past summer, Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation approached NSMDC AAROM to assist with their conservation efforts and undertake a restoration project.

The project will serve to prevent further massive loss of bank materials and sediments and in-fill of the Whirl Pool and the channels leading out of the Little Southwest Miramichi River into the estuary. River widening and channelization are processes that may affect fish passage at certain times of the migration season, as well as lead to further warming of the water before it enters the estuary.

Given the continued failure to meet minimum spawning escapement targets for

wild Atlantic salmon on the Northwest Miramichi River system, effort must be made

where possible to protect channel integrity, fish passage and water temperatures for the good of wild Atlantic salmon.

We will keep you posted on this important conservation and protection project.